Telecom Infrastructure (Wireless)

Innovative design, executed to perfection.

At Girbaa, we assist and guide project managers of small and large projects to plan and monitor their construction through our innovative ideas, high-quality design and detailing inputs.

We provide design support for the foundation of towers as per site requirements and loading conditions. Through our expertise, we have successfully handled some of the largest projects for numerous clients in Canada.

Each tower site is provided with a set of engineering drawings that succinctly summarizes the design of the tower, foundation, layout of cabinets, arrangement of antennas, microwaves, co-axes, cables routing, etc. in a detailed manner with minute attention to every execution detail.

Our Expertise in Telecom

We are experts who are capable of adapting to specific standards as required by clients, and cater to solutions that are compliant with health and safety norms. We use advanced tools and techniques that would become the most cost-efficient solutions for given conditions.

Services We Offer

Our expertise lies in preparing design documents for the construction of mobile and wireless telecommunication sites of service providers for various phases of network roll-out. We cover the newly constructed towers as well as existing towers, supporting devices for antennas and cables, bill of material for projects, equipment support designs for concrete foundations and concrete slabs.

The network roll-out takes place in the following phases:
  • Pre-lease drawings
  • Lease drawings
  • Build permit application package
  • Environmental permit application package
  • Site-specific detailed design
  • Site-specific stealth design
  • As-built package

A & E services for following deployments
  • New build / 5G upgrades / LTE / Microwave / In-building systems
  • Greenfield sites – Lattice Tower / Monopole Tower / Guyed Tower/ HV pylon
  • Rooftop sites – Building / Church / Water tower / Chimney / Silos
Structural Engineering Analysis
  • Structural analysis and design of new towers / Reinforcement of existing towers
  • Various types of towers – Guyed / Self-Supporting / Monopole / H-Frame
  • Stability design of mounting / Tower Foundation / Slabs / Poles
  • According to various standards – CSA / TIA / EN
Drawings preparation for the following phases of roll-out
  • Pre-lease drawings / Lease drawings
  • Detailed design / Construction installation package
  • Scope of work / Fabrication drawings
  • Compound plan drawing / Photo Simulations
  • TED / TLF / EPA Calculations
  • Construction follow-ups / Post-construction service
  • As-built drawings / Current Tower drawings
  • Site Visit photo summary / Maintenance inspection summary
Environmental consulting / Analysis
  • Building permit according to the local country requirements
  • Environmental permit packages (Radiation analysis)

If you are in need of innovative and top quality site designs for Telecom projects, reach out to us.

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