Plugins & Automation

Providing better platform for communicating and connecting to different software / -tools for smooth data exchange and automating repetitive manual processes

Design & Process Automation

Provides enhanced operational efficiency and innovation for streamlining workflows and expediting project timelines.

Design Configurators

Enables the design software tools for the users to customize a product or service according to their preferences and requirements

Design Calculator

Provides the most optimal / simplified design & cost estimation for accurate and efficient financial assessments.

Modelling Automation

Automating repetitive / parametric modelling by improving design accuracy, maintaining output consistencies for iterative design process.

Building Code Validation

Ensure compliance and regulatory adherence to safeguard construction projects through rigorous automated quality checks

Site Layout Optimization

Enhances spatial design for maximum efficiency and optimum land utilization

Industry Verticals

Building & Large scale infrastructures, manufacturing

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