Providing customized AI solutions for Design automation, Design optimization, project management efficiency using various tools and premium software for faster decision making and overall project outcomes

Co Pilots

Functions like an AI assistant for enabling users to engage in natural language conversations to generate designs and execute tasks tailored for software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Fusion, and more

Generative Design

To design by utilizing AI and Algorithms to generate a multitude of potential solutions based on the set of defined parameters and objectives.

Intelligent PDF extraction

It is a combination of advanced AI and ML algorithms that thoroughly interprets the structure and meaning of texts, tables, and images within PDFs, converting them into dynamic, actionable data. This refined process enhances data usability, providing engineers with valuable insights from static documents.

ChatGPT for AEC Platform

Integrating ChatGPT with Design tools to create Model, design, analysis & generate project documents in the AEC domain

AI Powered Safety

Its a virtual tool that integrates AI with safety procedures at site for improved hazard detection, risk assessment, and incident prevention. Advanced algorithms enable real-time monitoring, identifying potential dangers and issuing timely alerts

Industry Verticals

All types of Construction projects & Infrastructure projects


AutoCAD, Open AI, Cloud based server, AI server,Network video record, C#/C++, Open source software

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