Data Management & Interoperability

Utilizing construction cloud data throughout the project lifecycle to optimize data management and facilitate seamless data exchange. This approach enables informed decision-making and ensures the maintenance of a cohesive and integrated data ecosystem.


Translate complex construction data into user friendly visual insights for enhanced clarity And strategy. e.g Real Time, Issue and model dashboards.

Data Exchange Connectors

Facilitate seamless data integration from diverse software applications for fostering communication and optimized data flow.

Vault ERP Integration

Seamlessly connecting and synchronizing data from Autodesk Vault to ERP for and Process optimization.

Industry Verticals

Building Infra, Large scale civil infra

Digital Twins

A digital replica of the building or any asset can be simulated with behavior & characteristics in real time, which helps with insights for planning & management across various stakeholders during construction or post-construction.

Tool Expertise

Revit, Autodesk construction cloud, Power BI, MS excel, C#/C++, web / desktop Applications

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